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Healthy Food, Healthy Society

By applying the Saudi Vision 2030 that mandates facilitating trade through the customs ports, Saudi Food & Drug Authority announces to implement “Food Conformity Certification Program” This program allows food & cosmetic products’ importers, traders and contractors to have pre-shipments conformity assessment procedure taken before shipping to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Industrial Inspection Services Company (TUV Austria) has collaborated with SFDA in issuing Certificates of Conformity that comply with Saudi/GSO Technical Regulations and Standards.

MasterCert is a partner company of TUV Austria which is an authorized Certification Body by SFDA to issue Food Products CoC.


The purpose of this program is to ensure the safety and conformity of imported food products through standards assessments, otherwise non-conformity food products will take longer to be scrutinized. TUV Austria, through its experts in food products, does this by examining samples from food products and pre-shipments before providing certificate of conformity.

Once again, by applying these standards Saudi Food & Drug Authority aims at certifying that food is usable for human consumption. This inevitably leads to healthy society that makes healthy choices.

Program Benefits

To obtain this Certificate of Conformity, food consignments at the country of supply will be subjected to

  • Inspection verification
  • Product testing
  • Documentary review and consignment sealing

COC for Tea exported from Srilanka

As per the latest regulatory update from SFDA, all Tea products exported from Srilanka to Saudi Arabia shall be accompanied with COC. The regulation comes into effect from 1st March 2021 . Mastercert shall be able to process COC for products exported from Srilanka.

COC for Meat exported from Russia & CIS Countries

Mastercert also have its operations in Russia wherein the exporters of Meat products require COC service. Mastercert shall be able to process COC for products - Frozen Meat (Bovine, poultry meat) exported from Russia & CIS Countries.

Conformity Assessment For Food Shipments To Be Exported To The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

General Information


Certificate of Conformity Issuance for Food Products


Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA)


All regulated food products should be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by an entity authorized by SFDA to ensure conformity of the food with the applicable SFDA technical regulations and standards.


The CoC facilitates customs clearance of the imported shipment by taking the fast track to end SFDA procedures immediately at customs ports and release the shipment on the same day.


Food products, Cosmetics


The assessment scheme consists of:

  • Documentary verification
  • Shipment inspection
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Loading Supervision and Container Sealing


Test reports from the following entities will be considered:

  • Laboratories with valid ISO 17025 accreditation

Applicable standards are Saudi/GSO Technical Regulations and Standards.


  • To verify the requirements that are not covered by testing such as labelling requirements and packaging conditions
  • Food products require pre-shipment inspection, containers’ loading supervision and sealing


  • Completed Request for Certification (RFC)
  • Manufacturer’s/Seller’s Declaration of Conformity
  • Test Report and Laboratory Accreditation Certificate
  • Inspection Report
  • Final Invoice
  • Transport Document
  • Quality management system certificates (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 22000, etc)

Three Steps to Food Safety